How To Program A Keyboard?

Becoming a Window Wiz and creating your shortcut keys is not difficult anymore. A keyboard combination can be used to access a specific application quickly. Customization of keys, rearrangement, and recording of macros can all be done on the keyboards. The standard layout for the Windows keyboard has not changed over the years.

It is impossible to use all the keys on the keyboards, so these can be remapped or used to create different shortcut keys. They assure quick and easy operation and access of the programs or files you primarily work on, saving time and increasing efficiency. Several options are available on how to program a keyboard. The users can take full advantage of these shortcuts to make full use of the unused keys.

How to Program a Keyboard?

Customizing Keyboard Layout

Programming keyboards allow the user to move keys from one position to another. The traditional keyboard layout might have an optimal position that suits every individual and their workflow. The interchanging of the physical keycaps can be done with great benefit. The formal layout of the QWERTY keyboard is inadequate for many professionals to use.

Similarly, a single key on an average keyboard can perform a single function. The second layer of critical actions can be added to make these keys more versatile and valuable. Many laptops enable the users to use the second layer. For access, the Fn button can be used. This embedded layer helps to double the productivity and functional size without compromising on comfort. Furthermore, it makes access easy and is virtually limitless. 

Keyboard Shortcuts with Window

A keyboard shortcut for a file or program can easily be made by using Windows. These can reduce input sequences to a few keystrokes and expedite operations. Opening a file explorer and clicking on “create shortcut” with your keyboard combination will create a new icon that appears on the desktop, the link to the file, or the program. By double-clicking this new icon, you can open the link you have made.

Right-clicking on this shortcut can assign a shortcut key for this operation to be performed. Choose properties by clicking on this icon, then press the shortcut. Then press the keys of your choice and confirm OK to assign the specific keys for this action. This can help save a lot of time and energy by shortening the trip to the Start menu. This alternate way can be used for launching the file or program.

Keyboard Shortcuts with Third-party Programs

Shortcuts provide a quicker and easier method for operating a system with one or two clicks. A handful of programs can be used to create custom shortcut keys and won’t cost you anything. “New Hotkey” is a program compatible with Windows 10 to configure new combinations. Different shortcuts, including Shift, Alt, Ctrl, and windows, can be seen on the screen, associating each with a specific action.

Similarly, another program for complex combinations is the “AutoHotKey.” It is an advanced version that uses fragments of texts to view the messages on the screen and launch applications or folders. AutoHotKey scripts are used to run commands in Windows for the launch of these files or applications. Multiple actions can be performed by just using the fingers and keys.

Keyboard Macros

Keyboard Macros are productivity tools that save the time and effort of the users. These cut down repetitive strokes to a single keypress. An awkward sequence can be identified to change it into a more convenient key. It is best to use the key which is not commonly used or has a unique combination such as Ctrl + F4. Hence macro keyboards have an exotic styling and are specially designed for high-intensity gamers.


How do you set up a custom keyboard?

A custom layout for the keyboard can be set by using the Microsoft Layout Creator. It has some layouts pre-installed. These can be selected to switch from the QWERTY keyboards.

What is the function of the F1 and F2 keys?

The F1 and F2 keys are placed on the top left of the keyboard and can carry out many functions. These act as shortcuts for saving files, printing, or reloading pages.

How do I put the keyboard icon on my taskbar?

The taskbar can be personalized by adding the icons you use the most. After starting the computer, go to Settings. From there, select Personalization and then click on the Taskbar. Scroll down and toggle touch the keyboard to add to the taskbar.


Several ways are present on how to program a keyboard. Customization or remapping of the keyboards allows the users to set combinations that are commonly used and are just a click away. These save you from multiple trips down the menu bar and boost productivity. Hence programming a keyboard is no more a difficult task and is widely done by every other person.

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