10 Best White Mechanical Keyboards | October 2022

Best White Mechanical Keyboards

Finding mechanical keyboards in white color is pretty hard since most of the peripherals come in darker shades. However, the white keyboard has been getting popular in the past few years since they look great and compliment most office and gaming environments. In addition to aesthetics, one must be concerned about the performance. Everyone wants …

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9 Best Topre Keyboards [July 2022]

Best Topre Keyboards

Topre keyboards are different from traditional mechanical keyboards and are integrated with an electro capacitive switch that is characterized by enhanced precision and accuracy. The majority of these keyboards are wireless in nature and are powered by lithium polymer batteries; thus, they can be used for a long time without worrying about power retention. In …

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10 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $75 | July 2022

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $75

Keyboards are very effective for entering messages, approaching useful settings and programs, and doing a nice search for documents without using a mouse.  Shortcut keys incorporated in keyboards boost your work and assist you to play heavy games like PUBG and Call of Duty like a pro. The best gaming keyboards under $75 have been …

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10 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $200 – July 2022

Are you looking for the best keyboard for under 200 dollars? No matter whether you are choosing a keyboard for gaming purposes, typing, or for a music task, you always think that purchasing a keyboard is a heavy investment. But that’s not true at all!  Different brands have introduced different models of the keyboard where …

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10 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 | July 2022

Best Keyboards Under $50

Over the years, with the leaping advancement of technology, keyboards have become increasingly popular among writers, especially gamers. With so many competitors revving up to offer keyboards with exciting features and blazing colors, finding the best gaming keyboard under $50 has become a hectic task. Keyboards come in different sizes and shapes. There are three …

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10 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $150 | July 2022

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $150

Building a PC setup on a budget can be difficult at times; many people face many issues, but happily, you will have all your solutions from this Guide. When it comes to gaming, the best gaming keyboards under $150 are frequently regarded as the best option, and you can purchase one for about $150. They …

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10 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $30 | July 2022

Best Gaming Keyboards under $30

Good keyboards are essential if you want to have an exhilarating gaming experience or perform everyday typing tasks. Nowadays, markets are flooding with different models of keyboards. However, finding budget-friendly best gaming keyboards under $30 with a wide range of distinguishing features is not always easy. Keyboards are an indispensable component of your computer system …

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10 Best Budget 60% Keyboard | July 2022

Best Budget 60% Keyboards

Compact and portable 60% keyboards are comfortable, durable, and ergonomically suitable for PC gamers and typing freaks. Unfortunately, modern compact and mobile electronic devices are pretty expensive. Depending upon the user’s requirement, Bestest Budget 60% Keyboard will satisfy your needs without draining your pockets. The versatile combination of features of the keyboards is available at …

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10 Best 60% Keyboards | July 2022


Unlike standard keyboards, 60% of mechanical keyboards are compact, versatile, portable, and comfortable. The compact size and ergonomic design of the keyboards are the point of attraction for PC gamers. The drawback of choosing solo gaming consoles is it lacks multi-functions. So instead of shifting to gamer’s Keyboard, gaming freaks prefer to have Best 60% …

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10 Best 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboard | July 2022

Best 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboards

If you spend a lot of time typing or doing your gaming sessions, or does your keyboard put you in a state of physical stress rather than mental peace? In that case, you must get a mechanical keyboard. First and foremost, its small size frees up extra space on your desk and allows the mouse …

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