7 Best Membrane Keyboards | July 2022

Does the click clock sound of keyboard keys annoy you? Or have you ever canceled your typing work because you are not allowed to make the environment irritatingly noisy? Click click sound of keyboard typing is not for everyone. And if you think you are among them, I must say you have reached the correct article, which is specifically written for you. No doubt mechanical keyboards are perfect in functioning and other features, but the sound they produce is quite irritating and weird.

We have got you the solution to this problem in the name of membrane keyboards. Membrane keyboard keys are perfect for you to make your computer environment focused and concentrated without making noisy sounds. They are ergonomically designed with low-budget and soft-touch operations. We have come here with the seven best membrane keyboards to make your search complete and finished right here.

7 Best Membrane Gaming Keyboards

Here is the list of the seven best membrane keyboards to make sure you get to know about every detail regarding the best membrane keyboards.

1. Razer Ornata Chroma Membrane Keyboard – Best Non Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer Ornata Chroma Membrane Keyboard - Best Non Mechanical Keyboard

This is a hybrid keyboard with both mechanical and membrane features in it. We have selected it as a top pick because the performance and speed of this keyboard are relevant to a mechanical keyboard, whereas the feel and functioning are in resemblance with the membrane keyboards. Wrist rest is also present in the keyboard to make sure you’re fatigued less throughout typing.

Adding to it, this membrane keyboard also provides you with the vital specifications you demand a good gaming session. In this keyboard, we have RGB Chroma lighting and programmable keypress combinations making it ideal for gaming purposes. You can operate and command with ten keys at once without any mistake. The keys are designed with hybrid features of both mechanical and membrane keyboards.

To avoid missing any keystroke, we have a solid anti-ghosting system built in the keyboard for you. You can get up to 80 million clicks on this keyboard with its durable construction and long-lasting efficiency. There is the availability of inbuilt 16.8 million colors for you to customize your RGB backlighting the keyboard.

This keyboard is famous because of its hybrid features. It includes both mechanical keyboard specifications and membrane keyboard specifications built in this single piece. With its super durability feature, you can type up to 80 million clicks with the same consistency in performance.

  • Durable
  • Possibility of up to 80 million clicks
  • Hybrid keyboard features
  • Bad compatibility with Mac

2. Redragon K502 RGB Gaming Keyboard – Rubber Keyboard

Redragon K502 RGB Gaming Keyboard – Rubber Keyboard

Redragon K502 is one of the best low-profile keyboards whose island-style chiclet keys are super durable and quick in responsiveness. This is our second best membrane keyboard in the list with high stability and quietness during typing. I will definitely go for this keyboard without any doubt if I have children in my home because of its spill resistance and splash-proof outer layer, this keeps it safe in case of any mishap.

Moreover, a big big thanks to the RGB lighting feature in the keyboard, which can change your mood quickly with the availability of various colors. You can even dim the light with four brightness levels inbuilt in the keyboard. Furthermore, there are six color schemes available and an option for you to turn off the light if you prefer your sitting environment to be simple.

Then, we have the ergonomic design of the keyboard at the wrist placement, making it ideal for long-lasting sessions of gaming and typing. Moreover, this keyboard is compatible with most of the big computer brands. You can work for longer hours without straining your wrist and getting any discomfort.

Go with the selection of this keyboard if you are among those who work consistently long hours. It will not necessarily stress your arm and wrist even after long hours. Moreover, this keyboard is highly affordable and contains advanced RGB backlighting features with multiple customization options.

  • Ergonomic wrist rest
  • Advanced RGB backlighting feature
  • Affordable
  • Stiffness in keys

3. LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard – Good Membrane Keyboard

LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard – Best Membrane Gaming Keyboard

The keyboard is constructed with an aluminum panel which makes it strong and gives it an attractive look. It also makes the keyboard last longer than other keyboards. You can snack or drink water while working on the keyboard without any worry of harm to the keyboard because of the water-resistant feature, which saves the keyboard from any liquid.

You are not required to put pressure on the keys of the keyboard to make them work because they are high in responsiveness and functioning. The keys are pretty soft and can work with a smooth touch which makes them easy to type without the need for extra strength. The lifespan in the keys of the LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard is up to 5 million strokes. With this, you are allowed to use your keyboard the whole day long.

The keycaps of this keyboard are easy to remove, so you can clean dust and debris, which will ultimately enhance the durability of the product. Then we have LED backlighting with seven different colors, which give a unique and stylish look to your keyboard. Furthermore, you can customize the brightness of these LED lights to ensure perfect lighting in your workplace.

This LANGTU keyboard is constructed with a robust aluminum panel which increases its durability. It has removable keycaps, which makes the cleaning of the keys and sides more convenient. There is the availability of 7 LED lights that light up your keyboard to make it more visible in the dark.

  • Removable keycaps
  • Durable
  • LED lights
  • Noisy

4. HyperX Alloy Core RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard – Best Non Mechanical Keyboard

The most stylish keyboard on the list with a budget-friendly price, this HyperX Alloy Core RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard is recommended for those who look for both mechanical and membrane keyboard specifications in a single keyboard. The RGB lighting comes with three different modes of brightness which gives you the option to select according to your need and preference. You will get the feel of both mechanical and membrane keyboards with this only keyboard.

The keyboard has an alloy core which gives it style, decency, and rigidity, all three of them at once. Moreover, the plastic frame on the outside and spill-resistant technology of the keyboard make it more preferable to get out of water trouble quickly. This keyboard is recommended for those gamers who use the keys roughly and quickly in a strict manner.

If you want the control at your fingertips, you would surely love the HyperX Alloy Core RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard. Media controls, game mode buttons, and lightning customization controls are located on the keyboard one click away to give you quick access. The lock feature helps you to lock your keyboard during gaming to avoid any unnecessary interruption.

You will get colorful equipment on your computer table, which is stylish and affordable. It gives you various features which help you in your gaming and consistent use during extended hours. Moreover, the keyboard also provides the necessary controls on your fingertips.

  • Multiple control buttons on the keyboard
  • Lock feature
  • Stylish
  • Poor quality

5. Corsair K55 Membrane Keyboard – Best Rubber Dome Keyboard

Corsair K55 Membrane Keyboard – Keyboard With Rubber Keys

This is an ideal keyboard for home offices or online jobs from home. It is famous and super reliable in terms of anti-splashing construction and superb dust resistance specification, which helps in increasing the longevity of the keyboard. You can enjoy snacking and gaming both at a time without the worry of damaging your keyboard.

Anti-ghosting features and 8-Key rollover gives you additional support to make you trust this keyboard for your gaming purposes. The RGB lighting feature is customizable in the keyboard with the addition of programmable macro keys. This keyboard mimics the qualities of a gaming keyboard.

Furthermore, the keyboard comes with a removable wrist pad which is attached to the keyboard. It is made in an ergonomic design to make you more comfortable and fatigue-free even after long hours of use. Moreover, RGB lighting, which is present in the keyboard, enhances the colorfulness of the keyboard with the presence of three-zone backlighting.

Corsair K55 Membrane Keyboard is specifically a gaming membrane keyboard that consists of necessary features which help you in gaming. It has removable wrist support available for you to give rest to your wrist. Moreover, the keyboard is famous because of the presence of anti-splash and dust resistant technology in it.

  • Removable wrist support
  • Anti-splash and dust resistant
  • Customizable RGB backlighting
  • Few gaming features

6. TypeMatrix 2030 – RGB Membrane Keyboard

The layout of this keyboard is quite different when compared to other standard keyboards. It is made in a different style to enhance its convenience of use and efficiency in performance. TypeMatrix 2030 is a low-profile membrane keyboard that is compact and quick in working comparatively to an ordinary keyboard.

The keyboard is conveniently portable because of its slim and small design, making it easy to carry from one place to another. I will recommend this to those who are required to change their office or work in various different areas. If you are among quick typists and prefer a change in your life, this keyboard is for you.

It comes with attractive color schemes for you to choose your favorite one. The compact and small design makes it more convenient and functional. This is an advanced-level keyboard with an affordable price and super easy features. Not only for professional use, but the keyboard is also suitable for home use and gaming purposes.

This is an exciting keyboard with a different pattern of numbers, letters, alphabets, and signs. It is both portable and light in weight which makes it easier for you to use it more often at different places. The keyboard is versatile in its functioning as it can be used for gaming, typing, and homework.

  • Slim and compact
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Unique layout
  • Lack of quality

7. Rii RK100+ White Gaming Keyboard – Best Membrane Keyboard for Typing

Rii RK100+ White Gaming Keyboard

The most affordable keyboard in the list of best membrane keyboards is the Rii RK100 keyboard. This is a renowned membrane keyboard that also contains the features of a mechanical keyboard, making it more efficient. The quality of the keyboard is also reliable in terms of durability. Moreover, this is a lightweight and compact keyboard making it ideal for smaller spaces.

Another appealing feature of the keyboard is the RGB backlighting feature which gives colorful and positive vibes while using the computer. These backlighting settings are customizable to offer plenty of options to select according to your choice and preferences. Moreover, the keyboard has adjustable brightness levels, which adds to the choices you have.

There are multiple multimedia buttons located on the keyboard to ensure your convenience of making different settings. Seven variable colors are available in the RGB backlighting, making your keyboard look more like a rainbow. Furthermore, the keyboard is compatible with multiple devices, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Smart TV. The keyboard can also get into sleeping mode after ten minutes without operation.

This keyboard is the most affordable and colorful on the list, with a look of the rainbow. Moreover, it consists of RGB backlighting features, which also allow customization for you. It contains an automatic sleep mode, which is helpful and responsible for the durability of the keyboard.

  • Colorful look
  • Automatic sleep mode
  • Affordable
  • Some keys defect

Guide To Pick The Best Membrane Keyboards

All the features and details of the specification are mentioned here, which should be kept in mind before finally purchasing the membrane keyboard.

Ergonomic Features

These ergonomic features will help you in keeping you fresh without unnecessary strains on your arms and hands. This generally includes wrist support which is called wrist rest. Look for the keyboard which contains wrist rest, and it could be either detachable or permanent. Moreover, always consider these features to ensure you are buying a perfectly suitable product for your use. You can also select the keyboard, which has a split design for more added comfort. This makes the keyboard more convenient to use for long working or playing hours.


Go for selecting a water-resistant keyboard when you invest a large amount of money in a new keyboard. This feature protects your keyboard from sudden water splashing, which can otherwise cause destruction on a larger span. It would be easy and comfortable for you when you are allowed to snack while working. Make sure to look for this feature before finalizing your product.


Before buying a membrane keyboard, search for a keyboard that has a durable construction both in hardware and software. The metallic construction keyboards generally last longer than other keyboards. I will recommend you to go with metallic construction rather than a plastic one. Moreover, keep in mind to check the construction of the keys and their structure because this is the place where you are going to spend much of your time while typing.


Keep your need of using a keyboard in your mind before purchasing the membrane keyboard. In this way, you would be able to get the best product which will suit your needs. For example, for gaming purposes, go with selecting keyboards that are efficient in gaming features. Whereas for typing purposes, look for the features that will help you get the best out of your typing. When you know about your need, you will select the best suitable product according to that.

Frequently Asked Questions

They are somehow reliable if you are talking about only membrane keyboards. But if the question is asked in comparison with mechanical keyboards, I would rather say that mechanical keyboards are more durable and efficient in functioning. Mechanical keyboards provide 20 to 25 million keystrokes, whereas the membrane keyboard only gives 25 million keystrokes.

In terms of construction, we can say that it depends on the material used. Metallic material lasts longer than plastic ones. At the same time, the operational lifespan of the keys of the membrane keyboard lasts somewhere around 5 million keystrokes.

This is because of their construction technique which uses rubber domes underneath the plastic keycaps. These keys, when pressed, hit roughly the soft silicone rubber beneath them, destroying the rubber pads. This ultimately results in decreasing the life of the keyboard.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we have achieved our target of providing you with detailed information regarding the best membrane keyboards. You must be thinking about which membrane keyboard is ideal for your gaming or typing purposes. We have summarised here the seven best membrane keyboards, which are selected after hours of research and analysis. The details you should know before buying your keyboard are mentioned above under the heading of each product. Go through the details keenly and maintain focus to ensure you have not missed anything vital.

As a reviewer, I will suggest buying,

  • Razer Ornata Chroma Membrane Keyboard as this product contains hybrid features of both mechanical and membrane keyboards. It gives us up to 80 million clicks which makes it durable.
  • Redragon K502 RGB Gaming Keyboard, this keyboard is the most stylish and affordable with an ergonomic design. You can work with this keyboard for long hours without straining yourself.
  • LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard as this keyboard is constructed with solid aluminum material. Moreover, the removable keycaps and LED lights make it more ideal for frequent use.
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