7 Best Low Profile Keyboards (July 2022)

Are you fed up with the inconvenience rugged and heavy keyboards offer you daily? Or it becomes annoying when you are unable to carry a big complicated keyboard from one place to another? Low-profile keyboards are your savior for the next countless days! These are not only portable and light in weight but also are made low in height and ergonomically friendly for you. The numerous options in the market will surely leave you troubled.

To save you a hefty search, we have reviewed the seven best low-profile keyboards here. We have also added the important specifications along with the pros and cons to give you a broader picture. Dig in the article and read it until the end to make the right choice.

7 Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards

Here is the list of the seven best low-profile keyboards to make your selection of keyboards more convenient and best.

1. CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE – Best Low Profile Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE – Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Connection: Wired | Switch Type: Cherry MX | Backlighting: RGB

With only 2.75 pounds of weight, this CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE is the slimmest and the most durable keyboard on the list. The elevated design of 104 standardized keys and removable wrist made of rubber components makes this keyboard more convenient and efficient for gamers. It will definitely add to your modern computer set-up.

To make your keyboard setting look more prominent and straightforward, this keyboard also has an x-shaped channel located beneath the keyboard. This channel will adjust all your wires, and your keyboard area will look cleaner. Moreover, it also contains RGB backlighting settings, which enables the users to see the keys more dominantly. There are also the buttons located on the top left of the keyboard for adjustments of the lights.

Keyboard’s keys are distanced apart and designed with elevated style to ensure you can clean dirt and debris more conveniently and quickly. The macro programming is available in the keyboard’s software to make it more compatible with other various CORSAIR products and services. Having palm rest, backlighting, and warranty with it, I recommend you go with the selection of this keyboard without any second thought.

The keyboard is ideal specifically for gamers. It is an easy to carry and portable product that consists of efficient functions with 104 standardized keys. Moreover, the keyboard is compatible with other CORSAIR products. The keyboard also has backlighting features making it more suitable for use in dark surroundings.

  • Backlighting
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Durable construction
  • Expensive

2. Havit – Low Profile RGB Keyboard

Havit Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard – Best Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Connection: Wired | Switch Type: Kailh Blue | Backlighting: RGB

Havit is a brand that is known for the durable and robust construction of its products. If you are buying this mechanical keyboard from Havit company, I personally assure you of the long life of the product. The potential of this keyboard makes it stand at the second position in this list of best mechanical keyboards. You will get an RGB custom backlighting system along with this keyboard to make sure you can view the keys even in dark surroundings.

The aluminum construction with a metallic outline strip not only makes the keyboard looks beautiful but also makes it premium. The keyboard is overall 47cm in length, which is relatively large but slimmest among others. This makes it easier to carry and portable. I will recommend you to select this keyboard because of the presence of a removable USB feature.

This keyboard has used the latest technologies in its key, which is Kailh Blue Switches. This makes the keyboard ideal for heavy gamers as it allows more than 50 million clicks on a single key. Moreover, it also supports the multiple pressing of the keys at a time. There is another option of locking the Windows key on the keyboard so you would be able to play your game without any unnecessary interruptions.

This is another keyboard in the list which is superb in its quality of construction. Go with the selection of this keyboard if you’re looking for a long-lasting and durable product. Moreover, there are advanced options available like RGB backlighting and Windows locking feature to make the keyboard more convenient for you.

  • Superb build material
  • Locking of windows key
  • RGB backlighting feature
  • Can make you tired soon

3. Keychron K1 – Wireless Low profile Mechanical Keyboard

The most appealing feature of this Keychron K1 Wireless Low-Profile Keyboard is the availability of different options for you to select according to your choice. The compatibility of this keyboard with both Windows and Mac makes it more efficient and ideal for professional use. Moreover, this keyboard comes with specific and unique keycaps depending upon the operating system.

There are options available for the customers to select from different prices according to the features they need on their keyboards. Such as you can select from the 87 keys keyboard or 104 keys keyboard. Similarly, you have the option of RGB backlighting or white backlighting to light your keyboard’s keys. Furthermore, you can also select among red or blue switches whatever you prefer the most.

The battery timing of the keyboard is ideal as it can last a whole day if you are not using the RGB backlighting feature. You can use this keyboard, both wireless and wired, according to your ease and convenience. Moreover, you can connect up to three devices with a single keyboard at a time. This keyboard is superb in functioning that too with an affordable price.

This keyboard is renowned for the availability of multiple choices for us. It comes with various choices for you to choose the best one for you at an affordable price. Moreover, this keyboard also comes with the compatibility of Mac and Windows.

  • Affordable
  • Availability of choices
  • Compatibility with Mac and Windows
  • No customization available for RGB backlighting

4. Cooler Master – Low Travel Mechanical Keyboard

Cooler Master Sk-650-Gklr1-US SK650 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Connection: Wired | Switch Type: Cherry MX | Backlighting: RGB

This is an ideal keyboard recommended for those looking for a portable, affordable and efficient products. This is the only keyboard in the list which is efficient in its performance and attractive in its looks, making it ideal for everyone who is in search of low-profile keyboards. It consists of the keys from Cherry MX RGB low profile switches which gives it an elegant look with the addition of flat and sophisticatedly shaped keycaps.

In addition to this, these keys are ideal for gaming purposes as they are easy to press and super fast in functioning. Moreover, they are soft to touch and comfortable to operate, making them more convenient for you to use for a longer time without getting irritated. Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover are the additional features that are in favor of gamers and fast typists.

This keyboard is made up of aluminum construction which makes it durable and robust enough to last longer than other keyboards. The RGB backlighting feature of this keyboard has the option of customization in it, so you are able to create custom colors for your keys. Furthermore, this keyboard also consists of a Windows locking feature which makes it more suitable for gaming purposes.

These keyboard keys are ideal for frequent, rough, and tough use. It consists of strong and durable construction material, which is aluminum. Moreover, it also consists of customizable RGB lightning features and Windows locking features.

  • Strong and durable
  • Affordable
  • Customizable RGB backlighting
  • Non Adjustable height

5. Logitech G915 – Best Low Profile Keyboard for Typing

Logitech G915 Wireless Low-Profile Keyboard

Connection: Wireless | Switch Type: Linear, Tectile | Backlighting: RGB

Logitech G915 Wireless keyboard is another low profile keyboard in the list which is wireless and super efficient in performance. It genuinely contains all the necessary features which you demand in your keyboard. Without affecting the build quality and performance of the keyboard, this keyboard is also ideal in terms of price too.

This Logitech low-profile wireless keyboard is of no match in rigidity and strength because of the presence of a Steel base and aluminum top. It is a bit heavy keyboard but comparatively easy to carry and use. The keyboard has used the specific switches which are constructed under the same company and made explicitly for this keyboard.

These switches are mechanical switches, which are super fast in performance and soft to click. These keys are ideal for rapid strokes of typing and quick double-tapping because of the smoothness in their operations. There are G-keys located on the left side of the keyboard, making it suitable for gamers. Moreover, this keyboard is an excellent choice for any field.

This keyboard is renowned because of the efficiency and smoothness of the keys. It is wireless in connection and operated by a battery. The battery timings are ideal for those who use the keyboard for longer hours. Moreover, the smoothness and availability of advanced keys make the keyboard highly recommended for professional work.

  • Excellent battery consumption
  • Wireless connections
  • Smoothly operable keys
  • No customizable option

6. Alienware AW510K – Flat Mechanical Keyboard

Alienware AW510K Low Profile Keyboard

Connection: Wired | Switch Type: Cherry MX | Backlighting: RGB

Although this is a new brand which came into the field of electronics but still a reliable choice and in favor from my side. It features superb portability and compactness based on which it has already been awarded. The metallic composition and lining of the keyboard make it not only attractive but super strong and rigid.

This keyboard also consists of an RGB backlighting option which is also customizable and allows you to make custom changes. Moreover, the keyboard comes in three different colors, black, blue, and silver providing us with a choice of selection. Adding to the characteristics of this keyboard, it is also highly affordable, which comes under the price of $100.

The removable USB option makes it ideal for the use of different purposes. Adding to these, the N-key rollover and anti-ghosting features attract gamers and make it ideal for them. This is recommended for those looking for a smaller, compact, and fully functional keyboard that should serve all of their purposes. Red switches on the keyboard make it more classy and attractive for the users.

This keyboard is explicitly suggested for those who only focus on the aesthetics and looks of the keyboard. It is made with a compact and classical lock with a red switch and RGB backlighting feature. This is an ideal keyboard for typing, gaming, and other professional services.

  • Beautiful look
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Ideal for gaming
  • Low standard software

7. Tecware Phantom – Cherry MX Low Profile Keyboard

Tecware Phantom Low Profile Keyboard

Connection: Wired | Switch Type: Outemu Red Switch | Backlighting: RGB

Lightest in carrying, with a compact design, this keyboard is ideal for those who are in search of a smaller and fully functional keyboard. It is also another slim keyboard which makes it suitable for carrying from one place to another without putting in much effort. The keyboard switches are tuned to work quickly and efficiently.

The switches work in a superfast manner, specifically for gaming purposes and while operating with other software simultaneously. Moreover, RGB lighting is another feature that is present in this keyboard, making it more suitable for those who prefer to work. There is also the availability of 18 already set schemes of lighting to ensure you can select according to your choice.

Going into the details, this keyboard consists of double shot keycaps, which enhance the key’s resistance to the surface. This makes the keyboard ideal for long-lasting and rough use without any damage. Moreover, the polling rate and N-key rollover are present in the keyboard, which enhances the functioning of the keyboard and handles the workload very efficiently.

Make sure to read this part of the article very carefully with all of your concentration. Here you will find the description of the features which you should look for in your low profile keyboard.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • RGB backlighting
  • Efficient performance
  • The irritating sound of lighting

Guide To Pick The Best Low Profile Keyboards


Look for the durable construction and features of the keyboard you are selecting. Low-profile keyboards are generally long-lasting and robust in their construction. So it would not be challenging for you to search for a perfectly durable keyboard that will serve all your purposes. Make sure to check for the longevity of the keyboard before making your final purchase.


The low-profile keyboards are explicitly designed to enhance compatibility and relaxation during typing. There is the availability of perfectly ergonomic low-profile keyboards in the market. Your responsibility here is to do proper research and analysis that the keyboard you are selecting is either comfortable or not. Make sure to select the one which is ideal in height to give comfort to your hand and wrist. Keep in mind to go with the selection of that keyboard with which you are not required to buy wrist rest along.

Size and Layout

These low-profile keyboards come in both smaller and larger sizes. You are requested to go with the selection of the size according to your need and location where you are going to place the keyboard. Make sure to select the one which will not take all of your table’s space. Keeping in mind this aspect, I recommend you go with the standard or compact size keyboard to ensure correct placement and portability.


Switches of extreme importance are to be kept in mind while purchasing a keyboard. Make sure to select the type of switch which is needed and appreciated by you. In this way, you would be able to enhance the efficiency of the keyboard and ultimately the final performance of typing. There are basically three different types of switches available for low-profile keyboards. These are to be selected by keeping in mind the use of the keyboard.

N-key Rollover

This is an important feature that should be present in your selected keyboard. This feature is responsible for identifying the keys independently after they are pressed simultaneously. If you are buying your low-profile keyboard for gaming or typing purposes, you should definitely look for this feature to ensure every key pressed gives you the outcome. With this feature, no key on the keyboard will get missed or confused with another one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are better because the primary difference between low-profile keyboards with other keyboards is their ergonomic design and portability. They are made slimmer than other keyboards but strong to last longer. They are better in comparison to other keyboards because they are more convenient and easy to use without getting fatigued.

They are suitable for gamers, but it totally depends upon their choice. If you want a quiet environment during your gaming sessions, these keyboards are ideal for you. Moreover, they do contain unique and advanced features which makes them more suitable for gaming purposes.

Low-profile keyboards are expensive when they contain more features and specifications. There is the availability of extensive options for you to choose the cost according to your pocket. But always keep in mind that these choices will also depict the characteristics available on your keyboard.


Low-profile keyboards are ideal for those who want to carry their keyboard in their backpacks. They are light in weight, portable, and most of the time wireless in connections. We have reviewed the seven best low-profile keyboards in the above article to help you select the desired product for you. These keyboards consist of all the necessary and essential features you need to know about each one of them. Read this article carefully to select the best product for you.

As a reviewer, I will recommend,

  • CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE, as this keyboard is an ideal keyboard specifically for gamers. It is an easy to carry and portable product with all vital features present in it.
  • Keychron K1 Wireless Low-Profile Keyboard is an affordable keyboard with the availability of multiple choices of customization. These choices will depict the price of the keyboard. It is also Mac and Windows compatible.
  • Havit Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard because this brand is known for solid and rigid construction. This makes the keyboard last longer than usual and gives you consistency in performance.
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