5 Best Linux Keyboards [July 2022]

Technology has put forward our leisure and ease to the highest level of comfortability. Since the computer has arrived into the world, it has been modifying and advancing with time. Similarly, one of the marvels of technology is keyboards compatible with the LINUX operating system, named Linux Keyboards, making our life super effortless, but wait! What is this Linux operating system? Keep on reading, and we will be discussing it in the next para.

Linux operating system eases your work by creating a relationship between the hardware and the software for efficiency in functionality. The most commonly used hardware for Linux OS is keyboards. These keyboards are made compatible with the software, Windows, and other programs. Here we will be discussing the five best Linux keyboards to help you find a highly adequate and productive one for you.

5 Best Linux Compatible Keyboards

This article contains the description of the best Linux keyboards compatible with different software making the computers convenient for you.

1. Das Keyboard 4Q Smart RGB Mechanical Keyboard – Best High-Performance Keyboard

Das Keyboard 4Q Smart RGB Mechanical Keyboard – Best High-Performance Keyboard

Windows compatible, Das Keyboard 4Q Smart RGB Mechanical Keyboard, is a professional keyboard that is also synonymous with Ubuntu. This keyboard is highly prominent for creating a concentrating environment for programmers to make them work in an uninterrupted climate. The keyboard is ideal for those who work with many tabs opened at once.

It is a customizable LED keyboard that helps you in customizing and changing the color and pattern of every single key according to ease. Moreover, the keyboard can easily track the changes you want to keep in your notice, but you do not want to spend extra time on them. It can keep track of vital information on its RGB keys. The keyboard is made with an aluminum panel. And these aluminum electrons are responsible for giving us highly durable material.

Furthermore, the keyboard can also notify you with different notifications as you make the settings. It will help you in letting you know how many notifications are there on your twitch and who replied to your comment on Facebook. The keyboard can provide you with the perfect experience of typing, and you will feel like your words are jumping directly from your brain to the computer’s screen.

There are two USB ports available on the keyboard so that you can attach devices directly with it without involving the CPU. You are not required to go into settings and change play/pause or adjust the volume. Instead, for this purpose, you have direct keys available on your Das Keyboard Smart RGB keyboard. This product also comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

This keyboard is renowned for minimizing the interactions of notifications and multiple tabs. It comes with a 1-year warranty and consists of two USB ports to make the connections more convenient for you. Moreover, the keyboard is Windows compatible, and consists of RGB smart LED settings.

  • Minimizes interruptions
  • Two USB ports
  • LED, Smart keyboard
  • Asks for download of high storage file

2. Corsair K57 Keyboard – Top Pick

CORSAIR K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard

This is another creative keyboard that can function in correspondence with Linux systems and is also ideal for programming. No doubt, when you start using this keyboard, you will never want to switch to another one because of the calming and peaceful environment you will find while typing. The keyboard buttons are quiet and soft to create a focused environment without any unnecessary noises.

The keyboard can work without wire and behave as a wireless system, so you don’t have to worry when you are operating it from a distance. There is also the presence of RGB lights. There is also the availability of a USB port and BlueTooth connection to make the computer environment more comfortable and efficient for you.

The battery life of the keyboard is mesmerizing for the user. It can last for more than a day, even if we keep the lights on. Whereas if you turn the lights off, the keyboard can efficiently work for more than a week on one charge. This keyboard also consists of an inbuilt palm rest, but we have noticed that the palm rest is not very comfortable. Another plus point is that you are allowed to remove the palm rest if you want.

This Corsair K57 construction is made while keeping the durability and longevity of the product in mind. It is constructed with solid and sturdy materials and lasts longer than other usual keyboards. Moreover, not only are the specialties of the keyboard superb, but the look is also exquisite and stylish.

This keyboard is renowned for its durability and strength. It consists of RGB lighting keys that are able to light themselves during use. The battery timing of the keyboard is marvelous as it can last longer than a week when we keep the lights off.

  • Durable and strong
  • RGB lightening keys
  • Long battery timings
  • Uncomfortable palm rest

3. Razer Huntsman Elite -Best RGB Keyboard

It is another mechanical gaming keyboard that is compatible with Linux OS. It consists of RGB backlighting and underglow LEDs allocated on the wrist rest and keyboard keys. The customization of colors in individual keys of the keyboard is also made possible. This makes it more convenient for those who work in a dark environment.

This is an ideal keyboard for coding and programmers because of the presence of macro programmable keys and the comfortable typing experience. Moreover, the keyboard comes with an elaborative manual to understand the detailed functioning of the keyboard. This extensive use of the keyboard is comparatively easy and convenient.

There are two different types of switches made on a keyboard: Clicky optical switches and linear optical switches. The linear optical switches do not make any noise. At the same time, the clicky optical switches are relatively louder. The keyboard also comes with a memory option which enables it to save five customized profiles. You are required to have an account to save these profiles on a cloud sync option.

Razer Huntsman Elite is an ideal keyboard for both programmers and gamers. The keys function on the basis of light speed, which makes them super fast and quick. There are many customizable options available for you, such as individual key colors and labeling them according to your liking.

  • Quick keys actuation
  • Durable construction
  • Customizable underglow LEDs
  • Uses extra power to work

4. Ducky One 2 – Top Rated Linux Keyboards

Ducky One 2 – Top Rated Linux Keyboards

Ducky One 2 is the most compact and smaller Linux-compatible keyboard available in the market. This is used mainly for gaming purposes with the Linux operating system. Moreover, the price of the keyboard is relatively higher, but with these specifications, the keyboard is worthy of this price.

This keyboard comes with a height-adjustable mount, which is a creative function that helps in the adjustment of height according to your convenience level so you would not be exhausted soon. The keycaps of the keyboard are also replaceable, making it easy to customize as per your liking. The keyboard is very beneficial to use as both wireless and with wire.

Moreover, there is the availability of a USB-C port and the BlueTooth connection inbuilt in it to make your keyboard more productive. This is the best 60% gaming keyboard because of its fast response time which makes the pressing and functioning of the key super fast and quick. If you love artistic displays, I will recommend you to buy this keyboard without any second thought.

The lighting system of this keyboard is unique and outstanding. You can customize the lighting system according to your liking. The way colors are blended and diffused into each other makes the keyboard look super stylish and elegant. These colors and shades of the keyboard keys make it luxurious and neat and more suitable for a professional gaming environment.

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This keyboard is popular because of its faster response time. This keyboard is not only excellent in functionality but also in display. Moreover, the attractive blend of colors makes the keyboard more artistic and colorful. The lighting system of this keyboard is unique and advanced with the latest features fixed in it.

  • Faster response time
  • A beautiful blend of colors
  • USB-C port and BlueTooth connectivity
  • Expensive

5. Logitech Ergo K860 – Most Durable Keyboard

Logitech Ergo K860 – Most Durable Keyboard

I will recommend you to go with this keyboard if you prefer comfortability. You could not find the same solace level in any other keyboard than the Logitech Ergo k860. This keyboard is constructed and shaped in a way, making it convenient on your wrist and palm even in more prolonged use. Logitech ergo is designed in an ergonomic style to make you feel delighted while typing.

There is another addition to the comfort of the user, which is the palm rest which makes the user more effortless and satisfied. This palm rest comprises memory foam padded layers and a stain-resistant top layer to ensure it stays neat and clean. The keyboard comes with the wireless Bluetooth connectivity option and USB ports to help you make connections directly through your keyboards.

It is designed so that you can use it both standing and sitting without straining your wrists. The wrist support is made adjustable in height and can adjust according to the desired height. Blindly go with the selection of this keyboard if you are looking for something comfortable more than functionality and looks.

Logitech Ergo K860 is another name for comfort and reliability. It is ergonomically in style to make sure your hands and palms are at a comfortable angle throughout the use. Moreover, the Logitech Ergo K860 is designed in a split style to ensure peace of typing.

  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable wrist support
  • Ergonomic
  • No warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the keyboards work with Linux easily. At the same time, there are many other keyboards, especially the wireless ones, which do not work incompatibly with Linux.

● Select the keyboard tab which is present on the left and move towards the window’s main body.
● Look for another tab labeled as layouts, and it would be on top of the window.
● Click on the box that says configure layouts.
● Now unlock the keyboard layout option.
● Click on add, and add a new keyboard according to your preferences.

Wireless mouse works efficiently with Linux OS. This all is made possible because of the versatility of compatibility in Linux systems. Moreover, there are approximately more than 99% of the mouse, specifically wireless ones, reliable to work with Linux.

Final Thoughts

This article contains a description of 5 top available Linux keyboards. These keyboards mentioned above are different from each other, but all are operable with Linux OS. They establish the connection between hardware and applications perfectly, which makes the operation of different apps and software easier with the click. Every keyboard is unique in its functioning and efficiency. After reading the details mentioned above, you will find out the best product for you. So make sure not to miss any sentence, as with skipping, you may skip vital information.

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