Best Keyboard Position For Gaming

Living in the modern era, people are mostly stuck with their computers. Whether you’re a professional gamer or enjoy the gaming sessions, being aware of ergonomics in PC usage is essential. This will lead to a pain-free, productive experience without giving up on what you love. The keyboard ergonomics play a vital part and improving your relationship with the computers.

Perfect keyboard positions help you perform better and stay relaxed during a prolonged gaming session. Always ahead of the curve, esports players come up with unique ideas to use their gaming gear in the best possible way. Some of the best keyboard positions for gaming, along with tips and frequently asked questions, have been mentioned in the article below. These can be of utmost help if you have a gaming environment.

Best Keyboard Position For Gaming

Guide to Keyboard Positioning

Gamers have the same risk factors as the typists when using conventional keyboards, even with slightly different angles. To be competitive, decent gaming gear is not enough. A comfortable setup is required no matter how hard-core professional the player is. There are multiple health hazards when gaming, not to forget the radiations emitting from the system. Even sitting in front of the computer and not doing much, one should have proper posture and positioning.

Gamers are at risk of several health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, and tennis elbow. Carpal tunnel syndrome is related to frequent gaming or typing and is the most common type. It does not emerge right away with solid evidence. It is mainly

caused by the compression of the median nerve on the palm side and includes tingling, numbness, or weakness in the hand. It can lead to permanent muscle damage if not treated on time.

RSI or repetitive strain injury is related to the overuse of tendons and nerves, resulting in upper limb disorders. It is mainly caused by excessive vibrating equipment or performing high-intensity tasks without taking a break. These can only be treated by using anti-inflammatory drugs or task modification.

Adjusting your Keyboard

Different keyboards are available in the market, providing a wide range of options for gamers. Ergonomically designed keyboards or different layout keyboards are more efficient but might need some time to get used to. After choosing the perfect keyboard, the gamers need to adjust the positions for increased performance.

For intense gamers, a tilted keyboard shall be kept at a 30 to a 45-degree angle. As they are primarily in leaning positions, the elbows are placed on the desk for having some support as a pivot. This comfortable position keeps the wrists straight and easy, preventing them from extremely bent positions. It still might not be the perfect posture position for long-term use, but it is the best to stay away from body pains.

If you are a casual gamer and do not play for long hours, it is best to buy split keyboards that require the placement of one hand for operating the keys. This helps in preventing the shoulders from rotating by keeping the elbows and wrists shoulder-width apart. This also increases the baseline performance and eliminates nasty collisions with the keyboard.

Tips and Tricks

Some of the tips and tricks that can help the gamers to improve and keep the accurate keyboard position:

  • To be more efficient and for fewer movements, it is necessary to use hotkeys on the keyboards.
  • Do not bend the wrist and keep it flat with the level of the keyboard being used.
  • Always invest in ergonomic computer gears.
  • Physical fitness is essential for esports athletes because it reflects in their game.


Should the keyboard be flat or raised for gaming?

The keyboard should always be flat for gaming. It should be placed two to three inches above your knees while the “g” and “h” keys shall be aligned with your belly button.

Why do gamers tilt their keyboards?

Keeping the keyboards in the tilt position is done for the optimization of the space. Professional gamers usually do this during tournaments to reach the buttons easily.

How do I set my keyboard ergonomically?

The setting is straightforward. The keyboard should be placed before you, while the elbows should be close to your body.


The best keyboard position for gaming might differ considering the physical limitations of an individual. But the basic setup for gaming is the same for everybody. Keeping the wrists flat and elbows near to the body is vital. Proper ergonomics are correlated with healthier users and reduce risks of injury. Using flat keyboards with accurate placement positions overall improves the gaming experience.

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