10 Best 60% Keyboards for Gaming | July 2022

Take your game to the high-class with the best 60% keyboards for gaming. When you’re going for the gold, a regular keyboard, or even one that’s attached to a top-of-the-line laptop, isn’t enough. You will feel comfortable and confident while battling your enemies with a killer gaming keyboard that will deliver comfort, accuracy, and responsiveness.

PC gaming keyboards should be tuned to meet the specific requirements of PC gamers, with better build quality, a range of mechanical switches, ergonomic designs, anti-ghosting technology, N-key rollover, and software-based features to maximize hardware performance. No matter what kind of PC game you play or what kind of free game you play, you need a powerful PC to enjoy a great experience and a speedy response.


SteelSeries Apex 7- best 60 keyboard gaming
SteelSeries Apex 7
Logitech G PRO - best 60 keyboard for gaming
Logitech G PRO
Redragon K552 - best keyboard for the money
Redragon K552

10 Best RGB Gaming Keyboards Review

1. SteelSeries Apex 7 – Best RGB 60 Keyboard

This gaming keyboard features customizable key actuation and charges $200 for its features. It may not be the cheapest keyboard, but it’s one of the most ambitious. The SteelSeries Apex 7 ($160), if you don’t want to spend quite so much money on a keyboard, has many of the same features as the Apex Pro. Besides the attractive design, durable vital switches, and stunning RGB lighting of the Pro, the Apex 7 features the same. The mini size makes it top the list of best small gaming keyboards.

I can see a lot of the design similarities between Apex 7 and Apex Pro. The black plastic body of the Apex 7 replaces its steel chassis, but the device still measures 17.2 x 5.3 inches and has a low-profile, elegant base with elevated keycaps. The design is compact, with almost no border. An integral magnetic wrist rest can be detachably attached to the bottom, and an OLED screen appears in the upper-right. As with the Apex Pro, you can control lighting and record macros with the OLED screen, but Engine software provides all the same features. A volume dial, however, serves as a legitimate convenience.

SteelSeries Apex 7- best 60 keyboard gaming

SteelSeries Apex 7

Key Feature:

  • Backlighting
  • SteelSeries Engine software or the OLED screen
  • RGB SteelSeries

This keyboard is one of the best keyboards for gaming. The product size is 17.2 x 5.3 inches, having RGB SteelSeries gear. You want to improve your gaming and enjoy games, check out SteelSeries Apex 7.

My typing style doesn’t seem to match the design of the SteelSeries key. SteelSeries provides three options for switches: Red (linear, quiet), Brown (tactile, quiet), and Blue (tactile, clicky). Input can be made to games quite quickly since all three colors actuate at 2 mm. There are no apparent problems with the switches.

An odd feeling spreads over me when I see the keys. Its keys are nearly non-resistance, like the keys of the Apex Pro. Low resistance allows quick and easy control over the keys. With Red switches on the Apex 7, I had to slow down and pay attention to typing; otherwise, I risked keystroke errors.


  • Convenient design
  • Key switch options
  • A smart software program
  • Highly recommended
  • OLED screens do not add much
  • Keycaps are uncomfortable for some

2. Logitech G PRO – Cheap 60 Gaming Keyboard

A Logitech G Pro keyboard can be purchased for $50 (approximately £40, AU$80). Initially, the G213 cost more than twice as much – and was released at twice as fast. The Logitech G Pro offered a remarkable collection of features. It can toggle it between Game Mode, an array of media controls, volume rocks, and off and on buttons. It comes with a braided cable and is spill-resistant. There is no sign as to what Logitech’s Rollover Rating is, but it is at least 10, making it just as good as the Razer and more than enough for most gaming situations.

With five different RGB LED zones that can be customized, as well as a wrist rest, the title still looks modest and stylish, with no unnecessary designs. Therefore, it’s a versatile device that is the best RGB gaming keyboard that can be used for gaming and work. Furthermore, Logitech has a reasonable feature set compared to its competitors. In addition to its one lighting zone, it lacks media keys, a wrist-rest, and a braided cable, but it has spill-resistance.

Logitech G PRO - best 60 keyboard for gaming

Logitech G PRO

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic Setup
  • Spill-Resistant
  • Key Rollover

This product is very cheap and best keyboard for gaming. It has an extra RGB light system and an ergonomic setup. For enjoying your games and improve your experience in gaming, check out Logitech.

However, in this equation, Logitech comes closer than either competitor to have the speed and ease of the best 60 percent keyboard. Aside from being compact, fast, and satisfying, the buttons on the PRO are capable of handling any mainstream game.


  • The impressive and satisfying typing action
  • Media key loads
  • Other features are plentiful as well
  • Highly recommended
  • Lighting isn’t up to par

3. Razer BlackWidow – 60 Key Keyboard

Razer’s BlackWidow keyboard has always been the best choice if you want the best LED Mechanical keyboard from a recognizable gaming brand. In comparison to other Razer keyboards, the BlackWidow Elite corrects a lot of minor annoyances. Its media controls are discrete, it features an audio pass-through with USB and 3.5 mm, and it has a wrist rest with no frills. Neither will the keyboard have unnecessary (and often underused) macro keys, nor will deep key recesses obscure the backlighting. It’s an excellent product, but it’s not perfect due to its software and cable management. Razer users looking for a new keyboard shouldn’t hesitate; the BlackWidow Elite is the culmination of years of development.

Razer BlackWidow V3 - best gaming keyboard in the world

Razer BlackWidow

Key Features:

  • LED lighting
  • USB pass-through
  • 3.5 mm audio cable pass-through

Razer’s BlackWidow keyboard has always been the best choice if you want a premium keyboard from a recognizable gaming brand. It has RGB backlighting, size 17.5 x 6.5 inches, and USB pass-through. If you want to really enjoy your gaming, check out Razer BlackWidow Elite.

The BlackWidow Elite’s basic design is the same as the Huntsman Elite keyboard from Razer. It also has a 3.5 mm audio port and a USB pass-through on the left side. A discreet media control panel with circular buttons is at the upper right edge. The dial can be used to control either the volume or the lighting. The package is attractive from every angle. A full-size keyboard should always fit on a desk, but it isn’t the smallest on the market (without the wrist rest, the keyboard measures roughly 17.5 x 6.5 inches).

In addition to the new design, Razer has also redesigned its proprietary key switches. Three color choices are still available: loud, tactile greens, quiet, tactile oranges, and silent, linear yellows. Nevertheless, the switches look entirely different. The large crosses are surrounded by a plastic circle almost entirely, rather than little crosses alone.

There are some key features embedded in the structure of the BlackWidow Elite. The fully lit keyboard looks astonishing. Whether you want a solid color, an attractive rainbow wave, or something in between, you can adjust it. There are several games that Razer has pre-programmed with complex lighting profiles – and you can match lighting profiles to individual games. According to which character you choose in Overwatch, the color scheme of your keyboard changes.


  • An attractive, functional design
  • A great performance in-game
  • Features that are smart and intuitive
  • Wrist rest with no frills that’s comfortable
  • Sometimes there is a problem with the software

4. ROCCAT Vulcan – Smallest 60% Keyboard

A ROCCAT Vulcan Pro gaming keyboard that’s also available in a smaller, TenKeyLess version is superb. The product utilizes ROCCAT Titan Linear Optical switches for a lightning-fast gaming experience. They offer a low pretravel distance and are easy to press for quick results. Transparent switches allow the RGB backlight to shine through.

ROCCAT Vulcan TKL - best gaming keyboard 2021


Key Features:

  • Macro Programmable Keys Dedicated only
  • 9.2″ (23.4 cm) depth With Wrist Rest 
  • Lock Indicator Caps, Scroll & Num lock

This product is the Best Keyboard for gaming and very easy to use. If you really want to enjoy gaming, check out ROCCAT Vulcanp pro today. 

Therefore, we call it the best-backlit gaming keyboard. Several keys can be reprogrammed, but not every key can be macro-programmed, which may disappoint some users. It will enable you to customize backlighting and macros and is only usable for Windows users. Typing with it feels very natural due to good ergonomics, and its low pretravel may lead to having more typos due to its low pretravel.

As with the ROCCAT Vulcan, the ROCCAT Vulcan Pro is an exceptionally well-built machine. They used plastic for the frame, which is top-mounted with a metal plate. They used plastic for the wrist rest. There is a metal plate on it to help make sure that it remains stable when it flexes. It is unlikely you will notice any wobble on the compact keys due to the ABS keycaps, and the larger keys don’t rattle. Neither of the parts appears to be loose. With its feet underneath, the wrist rest should be able to linger tightly in place. It also provides a comfortable grip, so you shouldn’t have to worry that it will slide around.

ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Pro Compact Optical RGB Gaming Keyboard

Typing quality is very good with the ROCCAT Vulcan Pro. It should not be too tiring to type on the linear switches, but you may make more typos than usual if there is no tactile feedback. There is some wobble on some of the keys, although they are pretty stable. They feel glossy and are easy to build up oil despite having a matte finish. The linear switches on this keyboard make it a delightful keyboard to type on if you’re into it.


  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Typing noise is quiet
  • A complete RGB backlighting system
  • Pressing linear switches is easy
  • Highly recommended
  • Macro programmable keys are only a few
  • Lighting switches can lead to typos

5. Redragon K630 – 60 Layout Keyboard

This gaming keyboard and mouse combo from Redragon is ideal for people interested in playing RPGs or first-person shooters on their PCs. Compared to cheap sets, it has many differences and upgrades despite looking similar to other brands. Apart from the keyboard and mouse, mousepads and gaming headsets are two attractive accessories

A stereo gaming headset, the Redragon GARUDA, is also included in this package. It offers a great deal of performance and versatility with 40mm precision audio and 103dB sensitivity. With the help of a 6′ 3.5-millimeter cable, it is possible to plug in the earcups, which are soft and comfortable to wear for a long time. Its smooth, silk-processed surface supports precise movements with a mouse thanks to its waterproof treatment and silk-processed cloth. An anti-slip design on the bottom, there are stitched edges on the pad to protect against damage and curling so it won’t slide around on your desktop.

While the advantages of the Redragon best 60 gaming keyboard and Mouse Combo may already have won you over due to the inclusion of accessories, it’s also essential to consider the other benefits of the entire set. Almost all gaming combos only provide backlighting on the keyboard. Both of your primary devices will offer it. It is also possible to turn off the LED, according to your preferences.

Redragon K630 - best gaming keyboard for price

Redragon K630

Key Features:

  • Include mouse
  • Backlighting
  • 4000 FPS and 15G ACC

Redragon is one of the best and cheap keyboards for gaming. It has RGB backlighting. The best thing about this product is it’s a combo of keyboard and mouse. If you want to enjoy your gaming, check out Redragon.

The gaming mouse has six buttons, and five of them can be customized to suit your preferences. A contoured ergonomic body ensures optimal control over the mouse through a combination of Teflon feet. The WIN key can also be disabled depending on your gaming needs. The splash-proof nature of this keyboard, laser-engraved keys, braided 3 mm fiber cable, and high-quality keys will make your day. This gaming set will work with Windows XP to Windows 10 and limited Mac OS X as well, unlike other gaming sets that work exclusively with specific versions of Windows.

  • Keys with backlights
  • Ergonomics design
  • Valued price
  • It also includes the mouse pad and headset
  • Highly recommended
  • A mouse’s rigidity
  • Smooth keystrokes

6. Logitech Pro X – Sixty Percent Keyboard

The gaming keyboard from Logitech, the G pro X, has many features that might surprise even longtime fans of the brand. With custom features like lighting and programmable actions, a new proprietary switch design, and innovative new keycaps, you can customize everything to your liking. You can also get it integrated with smartphones and tablets.

There are mechanical switches on the keyboard, programmable actions, and customization options. In addition to a full QWERTY keyboard, the G910 includes a numeric keypad, and media controls built right into the chassis, and a gaming mode button that disables the Windows key so that errors cannot crash your video games. It has some additional functionality that gamers will find appealing. Five programmable keys are located on the left side of the keyboard, four additional keys are located above the function row (G1-G9), and three profiles may be swapped around (M1-M3), giving you 28 in total. Logitech’s gaming software, available on the Logitech website, can be used to set all of these features. Furthermore, the keyboard can be customized physically through the addition of wrist rests on the front edge.

Logitech G PRO X Keyboard - best rgb gaming keyboard

Logitech Pro X

Key Features:

  • 30 lbs (1.5 kg) weight
  • 6 ft (1.8 m) cable

This Model is one of the best products from Logitech. It has a 6 ft cable, 3.3 lbs weight, and 555mm height. If you want to enjoy and improve gaming, check out Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum.

In addition to its faceted keycap design, the G pro X has a few other unique features. There are two unique aspects to the keycaps. Logitech used A dished shape rather than a concave or curved rather than the curved surfaces present in other keyboards. Furthermore, the model has a basic three-faceted design for most of its keys, but not all of them. It uses a four-dish shape instead of WASD controls. Logitech may be onto something with its faceted design, as I had expected it to be weird. As a result, you will feel less fatigue on your hands while striking the keys accurately without looking down. Additionally, the WASD and arrow keys are backlit to aid in visibility when looking down.

  • Gaming-friendly keycap design.
  • Proprietary key switches have replaced Cherry MX switches.
  • You can customize, track stats, and control lighting in the software.
  • Docking station and media controls built into the phone.
  • Keyboard macros are programmable.
  • The wrist rest is swappable.
  • Non-gamers may not like the asymmetrical keycap layout

7. Redragon K552 – Top Rated Gaming Keyboard

The Redragon K552-RGB features clicky tactile switches and a TenKeyLess design, so it’s simple and easy to use. Keyboards at a double price cannot compete with its superb build quality and RGB backlighting. The keyboard falls short in terms of extra features, and the Outema Blue switches are loud, making it ill-suited for an office with privacy concerns. However, its budget/lower-cost price makes it an excellent option for those searching for the best 60% mechanical keyboard that performs admirably.

This Redragon K552 gaming keyboard is an excellent choice. They have a short pretravel distance, and they have a clicky Outemu Blue switch. Despite the low latency, it is challenging to program keys or set macros without software support. While full RGB backlighting should be helpful for gaming in dark rooms, it doesn’t offer the same level of customizable features as a keyboard with software.

Redragon K552 - best keyboard for the money

Redragon K552

Key Features:

  • Backlighting system
  • Individually Backlit Keys
  • Programmable

This Redragon K552 gaming keyboard is an excellent choice for gaming and programming. This product has a backlighting system. If you really want to enjoy your gaming, check out Redragon K552

Redragon’s K552 is ergonomically sound. The keyboard can be set to an incline and has a reasonably tall profile, which could be uncomfortable without a wrist rest, which is not included.

The keyboard can be customized on its own for the time being since there is no official software available for it. It is possible to change the key colors and cycle through 18 lighting effects. The full white backlighting in our white shot photo appears pinkish or purple due to the backlighting.


  • A high-quality build feels great.
  • A short distance before travel.
  • Compatibility with both Linux and Windows.
  • Highly recommended
  • best portable gaming keyboard
  • A medium latency.
  • The software cannot be customized

8. PICTEK – 60% Wired Gaming Keyboard

PICTEK 60% Rechargeable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Pictek frame is bulky and takes up a bit more space. It also required a wired connection for the USB-powered design, a downside for some. While this keyboard isn’t cheap, few cost-effective models can rival its performance, longevity, and value for money. Playing with the 24 anti-ghosting keys, for example, is not painful because they are splash-proof and have smooth edges.

The crater architecture allows seamless response and also features a backlight for night gaming. So, PICTEK is good for gaming at home or work. Despite its heavy plastic frame, the PICTEK can withstand everyday wear and tear. The components can be resting on it without worry that they will break while playing. Among its features, for example, are detachable keys that are easy to clean and achieve 10,000,000 keystrokes, making them durable.

PICKET - best backlit gaming keyboard

PICTEK 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Wireless

Key Features:

  • 10,000,000 keystrokes
  • 24 anti-ghosting keys
  • waterproof and dustproof

PICTEK RGB is the best keyboard for gaming. It has 24 anti-ghosting keys and also programmable keys. If you want to enjoy gaming then check out the Pictek RGB keyboard.

Its anti-ghosting keys were a dominant feature. You can press up to 25 keys at once with key rollover. The software allows you to create intricate macros and turn the keys into programmable ones. A feature like this is a godsend if you play PC games, like MMOs.There is a very slim travel distance of just 4.0mm, so it is easy for you to respond much quicker. It requires about 55g of actuation force. With all such features still its best keyboard for the money.

THANKS, O IT’S HIGH PERFORMANCE AND HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN. The PICTEK Gaming Keyboard is well worth its $23 price tag. If you want to spend an extra $13 on the LED-backlit keyboard and gaming mouse combo, we’d recommend it. A good keyboard utility software would have been excellent, as well. The PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard is still a good option for someone building a gaming setup and looking to cut a few corners. It’s an excellent keyboard under $150, and you’re saving money.

  • Durability Solid support
  • An affordable option
  • Backlighting adjustment
  • Architecture with comfortable craters
  • Suitable for Mac and Windows
  • It’s not a mechanical keyboard
  • Has no utility software

9. Lushujun DK61 – Wired 60 Percent Keyboard

Lushujun DK61 has always been the best choice if you want a good keyboard from a recognizable gaming brand. You’ll have an advantage with linear switches if you like fast-paced games, including first-person shooters. Unlike domes that need to collapse or click when pressed, the keystroke is smooth and consistent.

Gaming with this 60% mechanical keyboard will give you a more immersive gaming experience as it offers 18 fantastic lighting effects, including streaming, racing, breathing, etc. The lighting speed and brightness of the keyboard can be adjusted so that you can customize the effect to your liking.
61 keys rollover and anti-ghosting enable the most accurate execution of all commands in any situation. Your commands will never be stymied or overlooked in any situation.

Lushujun DK61 - best portable gaming keyboard

Lushujun DK61 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Laptop, PC, Gaming Console
  • NKRO support
  • Double-shot ABS

The model has black switch rainbow colour lights, its lightweight and portable among the best gaming keyboard that has 61 key rollers. If you want to enjoy your gaming, check out Brand.

This mechanical gaming keyboard is different from other plastic keyboards with its metal superstructure, making it more durable and texture-rich. Designed to relieve wrist fatigue and discomfort caused as a result of long hours of gaming or working. The spill-resistant design makes the keyboard extremely durable. A keyboard tested over ten million keystrokes has served you well for a very long time.

  • A 10-million-keystroke test
  • An affordable price
  • Gaming friendly design
  • Highly recommended
  • Some Nongamers may not like

10. Logitech G915 – Best 60 Percent Keyboard For Gaming

Logitech’s G915 keyboard is a splendid choice if you need a wireless low-profile keyboard. Its functionality will generally require you to allocate an additional amount of money over a wired mechanical keyboard with similar features-the Logitech is $250 (£210). The TKL version is slightly cheaper than the full-size model, but not significantly, so I immediately recommend it over it.

A sleek and sturdy board plated in brush aluminum is what you receive for that substantial financial investment. On the left-hand side of the board are a small set of macro keys, and an upper right-hand corner has some media controls, including a beautiful volume wheel. The Logitech G software lets you adjust these settings per application or per game as you see fit.

Logitech G915 TKL - best small gaming keyboard

Logitech G915 TKL Tenkeyless

Key Features:

  • Full size
  • Logitech GL low profile
  • Dedicated Media Controls

Logitech is one of the best 60 keyboard gaming if you need a wireless keyboard. This product has RGB backlights. You want to improve your gaming experience, check out Logitech.

GL keys made by Kailh make these stylish exteriors surprisingly responsive. Our recommendation is to use the clicky option if you are thinking about making a racket. With all these features, it is also one of the sleeker boards on the market, and the best 60% keyboards for gaming come in as one of the best.

  • Fast, lag-free wireless
  • Long battery life
  • Mechanical low-profile switches
  • Highly recommended
  • Macro keys are placed oddly for some

Buying Guide

Selecting the best out of many is quite difficult. Here are a few factors to consider before finalizing the purchase of the best 60% keyboards for gaming;

Rubber Dome vs. Mechanical Keyboards

There are two types available in terms of gaming keyboards: rubber dome switches and mechanical switches. Detecting when you press a key is done with this technology. Because the cost of producing mechanical keyboards is significantly higher than that of optical keyboards, both types are available.

Tactile Feedback

When it comes to tactile feedback, rubber dome keyboards are superior to mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards typically provide smooth movement when powered on, while rubber dome keyboards can feel mushy because of the dome compressing.


Rubber dome keyboards are quieter than mechanical keyboards since they don’t have any moving components. The noise of a mechanical keyboard is likely to be appreciated by touch typists, and however, if you are anxious about the clacking, you can buy keyboards with low noise switches.


The keycaps can be removed on most mechanical keyboards for easy cleaning, including under the keys, where bacteria build up. Membrane keyboards, however, have keycaps that cannot be removed, so cleaning the keys can only be accomplished by wiping them down.


The domes of rubber become less flexible with every compression, so over time, standard keys such as WSAD become less responsive until they no longer respond to your keystrokes. Mechanical keyboards are less susceptible to this problem as they wear out more evenly and, as a result, have a much longer useful life than rubber dome keyboards.


A keyboard controller loses keystrokes when many keys are pressed too quickly, resulting in ghosting. In most offices, the maximum number of keys is usually between two and three. Alternatively, a gaming keyboard has more keys, sometimes as many as 10. This allows you to type complex and lengthy commands without losing your keystrokes. A keyboard can perform up to a certain number of rollovers in a row.

Macro Keys

Choose a gaming keyboard with dedicated function keys and a software program that allows you to make custom macros that perform the activity of a sequence of multiple keystrokes or mouse clicks by pressing just one button

Backlighting and RGB

The backlights under the keys on most gaming keyboards are simple, but more advanced peripherals use RGB lighting that illuminates each individual key. You can create your own lighting patterns with the best gaming keyboards that feature Windows software.

Media Playback

Many keyboards contain extra buttons and dials that empower you to adjust sound volume and control your media players on the fly.

Wired vs. Wireless Keyboards

Besides reducing the cable clutter around your PC, wireless keyboards have too much latency for gaming, even if they are a good option for home or office use. As a result, we strongly recommend gaming keyboards that are wired.


In the end, though, what matters is how the switches feel in your hand, not which kind of switch you prefer. A mechanical switch’s objective superiority is its vastly extended life span. They can withstand far more punishment than membrane switches and continue to function long after the switch has failed.

If you’re picking a new gaming keyboard, choosing the switch type is the most critical decision. A variety of alternatives are available as well as a host of upmarket specialist switches. Cherry mechanical switches are perhaps the most well-known and recognized.

A vital factor to consider is keyboard size. There is nothing wrong with buying a full-sized keyboard if you have space, but all of those extras you pay for will be useless if you do not. It can also be great to opt for a tenkeyless keyboard (one that does not have a number pad) or a compact keyboard if you are not concerned with all the extra features.

We suggest that at the very least, the function and media controls be toggled in the top row, which is the only choice you can make. It can be advantageous to have a discrete volume wheel, however.

Compared to full-size keyboards, mini keyboards provide much more convenience. As long as you give up the Numpad, these are suitable for gaming. A more significant number of keys will negatively affect your gaming experience.


The best gaming keyboard will help you excel at your game. Even the best laptop keyboard or one attached to it isn’t going to cut it when you’re chasing gold. A gaming keyboard that delivers comfort, accuracy, and responsiveness will make you feel comfortable and confident while battling your enemies.

Taking the 10 best 60% keyboards for gaming reviews and picks, I have compiled a shortlist of the 3 best gaming keyboards in 2021 of the highest-rated gaming keyboards as rated by buyers and experts.

With this guide, we’d like you to get an in-depth view of each one so that you are able to put forward your own ideas and regulations about which keyboard is best for gaming. After reading our list of the top gaming keyboards, we hope you better understand what features are important to you and where your gaming journey begins.

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